Ultra Sun

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon were the first sets to feature Prism Star cards
Cards 66
Released Dec 8th 2017
Please Note: This is a new or unreleased set. The card list and images we have may be incomplete or incorrect until the set is released.

Card List

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This set is very new or unreleased, here are the cards we know of so far
#6 - Turtwig
#12 - Leafeon GX
#13 - Rotom
#18 - Chimchar
#37 - Magnezone
#43 - Solgaleo Prism Star
#44 - Dusk Mane Necrozma GX
#48 - Eevee
#49 - Glameow
#59 - Cyrus Prism Star
#64 - Mt Coronet

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